Consulting Services

Goddard Consulting specializes in developing advanced modeling, simulation, data analysis and visualization software for clients across a range of business sectors. These include financial services, automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, mining and the process industries.

Using appropriate software, which may include the MATLAB and Simulink suite of numerical analysis software from The MathWorks® (and all associated Toolboxes and Blocksets), Python (and associated packages such as Numpy and Pandas), C, C++ and VBA, allows us to solve a wide range of design and implementation problems for our clients. This may include implementation on CUDA enabled and real-time platforms, or in large-data environments such as Databricks.

Leveraging expert knowledge in areas such as computational finance, control system engineering and machine learning, we have decades of experience developing custom software applications, and have successfully completed projects for clients across Canada, the USA, Australia, and the U.K and Europe.

Software Training Services

In addition to offering consulting services, Goddard Consulting develops and leads customized training courses tailored to our client's requirements and areas of expertise.

Ranging from fundamental programming techniques to advanced and client specific topics, our courses are typically taught in small groups at a client's site (subject to Covid-19 restrictions.) They are hands on and designed to maximize information transfer and knowledge retention.

Our courses cover modeling, simulation, data analsysis and visualization using MATLAB, Simulink, their associated toolboxes and blocksets, Python (including Numpy and Pandas), C, C++, Java, VBA, and R. Course descriptions can be found on our software training services page.


Transfering design and development knowledge to our clients is a significant aspect of many of our consulting engagements. We're currently making some of the modeling and simulation tutorials we use in the course of our business available on this site. These include:

All of our modeling and simulation tutorials are accompanied by extensive discussion and code examples. We're constantly adding more information and new tutorials. If you don't find what you need here then please contact us with any questions or comments.