Goddard Consulting is dedicated to designing, developing and deploying high quality software applications that exceed our client's requirements.

Our core expertise lies in application development using the MATLAB and Simulink suite of numerical software. We have extensive experience in applying these and other programming languages such as Python, C, C++, Java, and VBA on projects for clients across a range of business sectors.

Typical projects may include,

Our expertise in the design and implementation of mathematical algorithms, user interfaces (GUIs), interfacing with various databases, datafeeds, and other data sources, and custom report generation can help you create a complete end-to-end application covering all of your computational and visualization needs.

We work with our clients to define specifications and then implement, test and deploy their applications. Our objective is to develop a custom application that enables clients to make informed, timely and cost effective business decisions.

Goddard Consulting has successfully completed engagements that require expertise in the following areas,

A Note on Projects Involving The Handling of Controlled Goods

In the past, while performing projects that have involved working with controlled goods, Goddard Consulting has been registered with the Controlled Goods Directorate of the Canadian Government. This has enabled us to work on projects that involve examining and possessing controlled goods and/or controlled technologies (as defined under the Defence Production Act). This is the Canadian equivalent to, and is closely aligned with, the US Government ITAR program.

Financial Modeling and Analysis

Goddard Consulting has successfully completed engagements with equity and fixed income asset managers, hedge funds, energy trading, and real estate managers. The applications created have included,

Control System Design

Whether a turnkey design, or a component of a larger system, Goddard Consulting has expertise in developing, validating and deploying control systems using the following techniques and methodologies,

Generic Modeling

Goddard Consulting can provide assistance with the following generic applications and technologies,

Auditing Code

For clients wishing to ensure the quality of an existing or recently completed in-house application, or wishing to convert prototype code into code suitable for a production environment, Goddard Consulting can audit your existing code base and make recommendations aimed at improving:

Software Training

Goddard Consulting leads customized training courses that are tailored to our client's area of expertise. Our courses are primarily based around the use of the MATLAB and Simulink suite of numerical analysis software from The MathWorks, but can be transfered to other design and development tools based on our client's requirements.

See our Training Services page for a brief description of the core courses that we offer.

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