Simulink Essentials - Building, Simulating and Visualizing Models

Simulink is a modeling and simulation environment for developing high-fidelity models of electro-mechanical systems. It is used across a variety of business sectors including automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, power-transmission and petrochemical.

This tutorial discusses some of the fundamental features of Simulink. It is designed to provide novice users with the knowledge required to construct, simulate and visualize dynamic system in Simulink.

The tutorial is broken into the following topics,

  1. Building Models.
  2. Simulating Models.
  3. Visualizing Simulation Results.

Other tutorials discussing a range of fundamental and advanced Simulink functionality and applications are available on the Simulink Tutorials page.

Goddard Consulting also presents training courses that cover both fundamental and advanced usages of Simulink for model based design. More information on these courses can be found on the Software Training page.

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